New auction results

Auction results and stallion rankings have now been posted from the following auctions: 2020-08-03 -  BWFA Seacost Stable auction  (BEL) 2020-08-01 -  ESI Online foals auction  (GER) 2020-08-04-Grand prix sales foals online auction (NED) 2020-08-01- DSP Uberflieger jumping foals auction (GER) 2020-08-04-Young horses Z Online auction (BEL) 2020-08-08-09 - Hannoverian foals august  - Online auction […]

Lithuanian young-horse finals celebrate breeding

By Elena Zobova Photography: Elena Zobova Despite the last-minute cancellation of the showjumping World Breeding Championship for Young Horses, youngsters from five to seven years competed in the Lithuanian national championship at the Harmony Park venue, 40 kms from Kaunas city to receive the honour of being the best in their age group. A perfect […]

Hanoverian young jumper and dressage horse champs

By Jean Llewellyn / press release Photography: Hannoveraner Verband Hannover's young showjumping and dressage talents showed their best sides in Verden when new champions were crowned at the newly built show grounds on the Lindhooper Straße. Valensky, Starrico, Karajan, Dolciario, Fiengefühl The decision was exciting in the four-year-old class when the best of the qualifiers […]

Niedersachsenhalle turned into a ballroom

By Jean Llewellyn / press release Photography: Hannoveraner Verband The Niedersachsenhalle in Verden was the magnificent stage for the best three-year-old mares from Hannover and the Rhineland when the Hanoverian-bred Pr.A. Romy became dressage champion mare at the 13th Herwart von der Decken Show, while Hanoverian Pr.A. Charlize was awarded the yellow-white winning sash in […]