Hannoveraner Verband auction

The Hanoverian studbook will be launching 2019 with their first sport horse auction taking place this coming Saturday, January 19. The collection will feature 55 dressage and 29 showjumping horses, including descendants of Livaldon, Fürstenball, Spörcken, Numero Uno, Stolzenberg and Stakkato Gold. Although many of the horses are discipline specific, there are also exquisite prospects […]

New Guidebooks and Webinars from OFRF Help Manage On-Farm Risk

Responding to the needs of farmers and ranchers across the country, OFRF in cooperation with USDA-Risk Management Agency, has developed two informative new guidebooks and webinars on how organic and transitioning growers can manage on-farm risk through crop insurance programs and sound soil health management.


Introduction to Crop Insurance for Organic and Transitioning Producers
How crop insurance works for organic and transitioning farmers, including coverage types and record-keeping, as well as what to know when working with crop insurance agents.



Fresh From the Fields: April Joy Farm

April Joy Farm is located near Ridgefield, Washington on 24 acres above the Columbia River Slough. The farm was purchased on contract from Annie Peterson in 2003. Coming “home” to this farm was the realization of a dream for April Thatcher née Jones, who spent many happy childhood days helping the previous owners with farm chores. Today, April and her husband Brad provide healthy food to over sixty families in Clark County through their CSA, as well as top local restaurants. Photo: David L. Reamer