New auction results

Auction results and stallion rankings have now been posted from the following auctions: 2020-08-03 -  BWFA Seacost Stable auction  (BEL) 2020-08-01 -  ESI Online foals auction  (GER) 2020-08-04-Grand prix sales foals online auction (NED) 2020-08-01- DSP Uberflieger jumping foals auction (GER) 2020-08-04-Young horses Z Online auction (BEL) 2020-08-08-09 - Hannoverian foals august  - Online auction […]

Oldenburg ‘Fall Elite Collection’ online

Handpicked athletes and first-class elite foals will be waiting in Vechta on the occasion of the 93rd Fall Elite Auction on October 2/3. Now online, the Oldenburg jumping and dressage talents present themselves with detailed descriptions, photos, and videos in the auction area of ​​the Oldenburg homepage. Over 40 high-quality riding horses for dressage and […]

Saint-Lô sale – SF ‘females event’

Following on from the first Selle Français 2020 sale to be held on Saturday, September 5 in Saint-Lô during the Foals Championship, the second sale, occuring 'live' in the arena following the Females Event on Tuesday, October 5, and will also 'live stream'. All information, registration form, x-rays, etc., will be on the SF website: […]

Online sale of 51 SF championship foals

This coming Saturday evening will see the online sale of 51 foals participating in the SF championship. Catalogue and 'live' sale: Have you spotted a foal in the catalog? Don't miss its progress during the championship! The program and timetables are available here. Find the scores live throughout these two days on our dedicated platform. […]